Can you really be bothered to travel abroad this year?

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3 min readJun 22, 2021


Travelling abroad now requires SIX Covid-19 tests!?

Now that we are in the lead up to things finally returning to normal. June the 21st never looked so good! Hopefully, if restriction lifting remains as planned, by this date, we should be seeing everything else opening up again, just in time for summer! But what about travel?

The Government have introduced a new traffic light system for countries we will be able to travel to and what steps are necessary before and after we return to the UK. However, summer holidays abroad are not looking likely.

These are as follows:

Countries from the Red List — you’ll need to:

  • Avoid travel

Countries from the Amber List — you’ll need to:

  • Avoid travel
  • OR take six COVID-19 tests in total on departure and arrival
  • AND quarantine on arrival

Countries from the Green List — you’ll need to:

  • Take two COVID-19 tests and quarantine if positive
  • AND complete a passenger location form

Now, these rules are changing all the time and there are more rules according to what country you’re planning on visiting, but as you can see, it’s very complicated

Work which requires travel is still very negatively affected, particularly for travel photographers. Although photographers can still technically travel to countries on the green list, the rules require so much planning and expenses, for many it is not feasible. And for this reason, these people are missing out on photographic opportunities.

Photographer, David Hicks, has a series which reminds us of familiar travelling moments entitled I’m Mandy, Fly Me. Based from a well-known 10cc song of the same name, this project was photographed over several years from several countries, mainly in Asia. David is showcasing carboard cut-outs he has come across of aircrew which exist to attempt to show how good service is on individual airlines. David notes that although it is not particularly convincing for him personally, it may impress others!

For now, it is still easier to keep the travel within the UK, but maybe things will change for next summer. Fingers crossed!

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